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47Soul Berlin

Event details

Marsm presents the return of the Palestinian powerhouse, 47SOUL.

The spearheading musical musketeers have created global headlines with their no-compromise dance music, pioneering a genre called Shamstep, in which hip-hop and electronica are fused with Middle Eastern melodies and excellence.

Their trademark sound, rooted in chaabi music, pop culture, and tantalizing dabke beats, has become incredibly popular internationally and in the Arabic-speaking world. From their irresistible stage presence to their bilingual lyrics and showstopping visuals, 47SOUL has become one of the leading voices within Palestine’s unparalleled cultural resistance.

As they come to Berlin for an exclusive night debuting their latest album ‘Semitics’, expect the high energy, hypnotic hooks, and pulsing synths that define their pioneering sound.

Best known for his seamless blends and nostalgia for the 90s, Supermike’s DJ sets are a foot-stomping musical journey across the Arabic-speaking world. From top-of-the-chart Lebanese hits, Syrian Dabke, and underground Rai, this set will also incorporate groovy beats from around the globe to warm up the mood for this anticipated concert.

This event is brought to you by Marsm.


  1. Requests for refunds for the show are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

  2. In the case of postponing or canceling the show, Marsm is only responsible for refunding the full price of the ticket and no other expenses incurred.

  3. Tickets cannot be transferred to a third party for profit.

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