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Cairokee Europe Tour - Berlin

The second show in Berlin is on May 2nd for fans who weren’t able to get their tickets on May 3rd.

The trailblazing Cairokee returns to Europe in 2024!

One of the biggest bands to emerge from the Arabic-speaking world, Cairokee’s songs have become anthems of a generation.

With infectious music and uplifting lyrics, the band became a driving force in the region and abroad. A word play between Karaoke and Cairo, their evolving sound has become an innate reflection of their surroundings and articulate the many elements of contemporary Egyptian society that drive their generation.

Founded in 2003, the five-piece comprises

They will be debuting new material across Europe and performing some of their classic songs.

This event is brought to you by Marsm.


  1. Requests for refunds for the show are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

  2. In the case of postponing or canceling the show, Marsm is only responsible for refunding the full price of the ticket and no other expenses incurred.

  3. Tickets cannot be transferred to a third party for profit.

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