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Marsm is a London-based event producer and dynamic digital platform amplifying the vibrant musical culture of the Arabic-speaking world.

Since founding in 2015, Marsm has established an expansive events network across the UK, Europe and beyond, uniting artists, venues, festivals and cultural organisations. Through its enriching programme of live concerts, cultural events, tours, screenings and discussions, MARSM aims to challenge the mainstream representation, and exposure of artists from South West Asia and North African (SWANA) and their diasporas. From hosting some of the biggest names in the region to emboldening burgeoning underground music scenes, MARSM celebrates the diverse music cultures of the region. Following their extensive yearly events programme, MARSM has become a trusted reference for the region’s dynamic music scenes, featuring a wide range of styles, history and genres, from oud recitals to hip-hop showcases, experimental club nights and everything in between.

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